Website Maintenance Contract

Website Care and Support Services Ensuring Optimal Website Performance.

We provide our services efficiently and within specified timeframes while maintaining affordability. Our primary goal is to ensure the security and ongoing updates of your website, ensuring it does not hinder your business's growth. Our proprietary platform simplifies the achievement of this goal with a user-friendly process. Rely on our in-house experts to assist you in managing your website's daily change requests and various content-related issues, including eCommerce, hosting, email addresses, SSL certificates, loading optimization, and more.

As a provider of website maintenance services compatible with various platforms, we cater to a broad spectrum of systems, including WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, WooCommerce, CakePHP, and others.


Advantages come with the regular upkeep

Enumerate Advantages of Employing a Website Maintenance Solution

  • Improved Website Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Up-to-Date Software and Technology
  • Bug Fixing and Issue Resolution
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Improved User Experience
  • Analytics and Performance Tracking
  • Cost and Time Savings

Why Choose kpyxal for Frameworks Development?


Website Maintenance Services

For the past 10 years, our company has been providing website maintenance services to thousands of businesses throughout the world. We've been fortunate enough to gain a reputation for being reliable and easy to work with. However, we know that when it comes to your business, it's not just about the quality of our work; it's also about whether or not we're going to be there for you. Be assured, we will be available 24*7 for your need.


Expert in the field

It will save you time and money. You'll work on your website and business, rather than being mired in technology


Save Precious Time

It will save you time and money. You'll work on your website and business, rather than being mired in technology


Unique Approach

We consider every project a unique undertaking, so we're flexible, fast, and innovative.


Most Reliable

We've been fortunate enough to gain a reputation for being reliable and easy to work.


Easy to communicate

We know the importance of communication and offer numerous ways to stay in touch with us like CRM, Mail, Video conferencing, and Calls.


Up-to-date websites

We keep your website current with the latest advances and techniques in website design, coding, and maintenance so that it is in its finest avatar.

Magento Website Maintenance

Magento not only offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions but also gives you the flexibility to customize. Also, it provides you the possibility to extend your platform to create unique and differentiated branded experiences.

Features of Magento:

  • Migrate to Magento 2?
  • Want to install Magento Extensions or Plugins?
  • Security Check-ups & Patches?
  • Version Upgrades?
  • Hosting Support?
  • Store Perfomance Optimization?

PHP Website Maintainance

PHP website maintenance refers to the regular monitoring and scheduled actions taken to keep a website updated, secured, and well-performed

Features of php website:

  • Want to upgrade to the latest version of PHP development?
  • Module Development?
  • Security Updates?
  • Content Migration?
  • Website Performance Optimization?

E-commerce Website Development

Creating an ecommerce website is the first step towards giving your business a headstart. You might be an already successful brick and mortar store owner or just a newcomer planning to try your luck, going online is the best decision you can make for your business.

Features of E-Commerce website developent:

  • Automated ecommerce store backup?
  • Page load problems?
  • Security upgrades?
  • Want to migrate your store?
  • Need Custom shipping Module?
  • Store Perfomance Optimization?

CakePHP, Laravel and Codelgniter Maintainance

Laravel, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter are three major PHP frameworks that are recommended for creating sites and web apps.

Features of Laravel, CakePHP and Codelgniter

  • Want SSL Installation?
  • Security Patch updates?
  • Migration or Version Upgrades?
  • New Feature Implementation?
  • Design Customization?
  • Module & Extension Development?
  • Want robust & secure application?
  • CodeIgniter Website Upgrades?
  • Core, Plugin, Module or Extension updates?
  • Security Audit?
  • Ongoing App Performance Optimization?